A month before the first Wolves' Night in almost a century, the Prince of Stars receives a message with frightening implications. A sorceress seeks an artifact of a vile god, one that has the power to ravage the country. Three servants pawns friends to the throne are called upon to stop her foul designs. If they fail, the Mooneater will rise, and the land will never know the sun again. But who is the sorceress? Why fly willingly into the dark? What if she's right to end the world?

Splinter the Moon is an interactive novel, with themes of trauma, healing, and intimacy in the wake of pain. The text is interactive and mutable, fracturing and reforming the story with player changes. The demo is roughly 8000 words, with the full version projected at 24,000 with four variable endings.

This game demo created as part of the My First Game Jam, in a little under two weeks. Please leave a comment below, follow the author on Twitter @rai_cole, or e-mail your thoughts.

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